The Reality of Purchasing a Hermès Birkin

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When Hermes was contacted by the Daily Mail, they were informed that ‘Each Hermes store director worldwide is responsible for buying for their own store’ and ‘they place seasonal orders twice a year, which are generally received six to 12 months later.’

It seems that even Hermes don’t know when and even if any of their stores worldwide will receive a Birkin or Kelly, making it impossible for regular women to simply walk into a store and purchase one unless they have remarkably good timing and more luck than is imaginable.

Another interesting line from Hermes concern the reason why Birkins and Kellys are so exclusive. Every artisan who works for the company is trained for three or four years before they are even allowed to touch the hide. Then, only 10 percent of the leather is actually used for the creation of a bag with a single artisan completing the process for each. This makes the production of Birkins and Kellys completely dependent on the number of properly trained craftsmen in the company at any given time.

Much of this information came from regular women who shared their own experiences of trying to purchase a Birkin directly from a Hermes boutique and as such was more hearsay than anything else.

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