Taking a Closer Look at Replica Prada

As you know, fashion week is still happening (if you didn’t know after the many fashion week posts that have been happening over the past few weeks, then now you do) and you should also know that I am trying to keep up with all of the celebrity designer replica handbagsightings as well as the new designer bags straight off the runway. Last week I showed you some Mulberry and Hermes handbags from London fashion week celeb style, and this week I’m going to be showing off some more great designer handbags from New York and Milan. Are you excited? I know I am!

Designer handbags and accessories are like little pieces of art that are also functional, making them a wonderful topic for me to set my sights on. That’s why this week I am going to be talking about art and how it is influencing the designer handbag world. Are you excited? I am too! First off, I would like to show off some Prada handbags, since Prada’s new Art Face line has just been released.

So who is it that I am seeing carrying their Prada handbag today? Well, it is none other than model (and overall gorgeous lady) Giselle Buncheon. Check her out in the photo above this post carrying her divine Prada Top Handle Cocoa bag. This seems like the perfect designer bag for Giselle, since it is warm, simple, and oh-so chic! I would love to have a designer bag like this one, however, those designer prices are not really in my buying range.

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