Swarovski Rings

Swarovski Round Cut Ring

Our collection of fine jewelry set with Swarovski Simulated Diamonds is a very popular choice offering the appearance of perfect diamonds at a fraction of the price.

Swarovski have managed to create one of the top diamond simulants in the market cutting their stones to GIA standards. The Swarovski Rings have the same level of brilliance and sparkle as colorless flawless diamonds. They come in various sizes , the most popular being a 1 carat.

These Pure Brilliance Stones can withstanda high temperateues, they are durable and ideal for daily wear.

Each stone is microscopically engraved to prove its authenticity. We also provide a certificate stating so with each one of our rings.

The laser engraving on the center stone and on the sidestones is nearly invisible and cannot be seen with the naked eye nor does it interfere with the brilliance of the stone.

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