For Fall 2017, Prada

Prada’s latest collection is all about feminism. It features the role of the women in modern society.The brand’s handbags this season are made for every style.Plenty of brands show collections that are mostly new versions of old favorites, which is fine (and sometimes even reassuringly consistent), but Prada almost always explores new handbag territory, which it did extensively on its Fall 2017 runway last week.

On the other end of the spectrum, the runway also held a series of mostly simple shoulder bags structured on frame closures, which is a trend I’m pretty sure we’ll see pick up major steam over the next six months. Take a look at all the runway bags below.  The runway versions of these bags may look a bit overwhelming, but in their stripped down versions, I could see them appealing to the same shoppers who adore the Proenza Schouler PS1.


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Creative Prada Inside Bag

From the moment I saw the Prada Inside Bag hit the runway, I love it. Now, I’m here to again tell you why the Prada Inside Bag is one of the best bags out there right now.

For starters: the Inside Bag is different! The Inside Bag is genuinely a new take on the satchel shape, an that automatically wins points with me. What helps even more is the design is really pretty. Prada fused together different hues for the bag’s signature inside compartment to ensure it stood out from the outside, and many of the combinations are stunning.

Prada Inside Bag Croco Verde Acquamarina Detail 04

The bag is playful yet graceful and seamlessly combines classic Prada touches with a dose of originality. The Prada Inside Bag is unlike others out there, and while it stands out, it doesn’t go over the top in it’s design; it’s subtle enough to be a classic. Prada offers beautiful colors, materials and combinations for the Inside, including crocodile, ostrich and calf on the exterior, which is paired with soft nappa leather on the interior to make each bag stand out.

Prada Inside Bag Struzzo comb

This bag-within-a-bag shows off Prada’s skilled artisanal work and is sure to make waves once it lands in stores in the next few months. I am having a hard time deciding on my favorite, but the offset colors and luxury skins are simply divine. The bag is available in three sizes, and all come with a shoulder strap.



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Replica Prada Intarsia Handle Tote Bag

The Prada Intarsia Handle Tote Bag – the fashion house created two kinds of handles – one double leather handle to carry on your shoulder or hands. And an intarsia handle in the center, refined with steel hardware. I find the second option a bit uncomfortable.


Besides one large compartment in the interior, it also comes with a clutch bag with zipper closure. The clutch can be removed and used separately, so its quite flexible and I love it.


However, I missing something. It would be better if they add a shoulder strap instead of the double leather handles. I like this option, do you?


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Prada Saffiano Multicolored Leather Flap Wallets

Another batch of Prada goodies are up-for-grabs this season, ladies! And we’re definitely sure that you’ll love ‘em…presenting, Prada Saffiano Multicolored Leather Flap Wallets, in different colors to choose from! If you’re crazy about basic shapes and block colors, then these pieces are definitely for you. It appeals to most tastes, how simple or outrageous they may be.

Prada Multicolored Leather Flap Wallet

This piece is made with only the finest leather, some strong and resilient material that’s sure to stand the test of time. It also has snap closure, which is sure to keep all of your personal effect secure. Inside, it’s even better – it has ten credit card slots, a coin compartment with zipper, and outside pocket with zipper closure, four document pockets, a bill compartment and (get this!) an extractable badge holder with chain that comes with two extra credit card slots! That was a mouthful, alright…’coz it’s super organized!

Prada  Multicolored Leather  Flap Wallet

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Prada Cahier Tote bag

Everything from necklaces to belt and handbags, Prada is trying to get ahead of the curve. We noticed some remarkable accessories that are worth talking about – the Prada F/W 2016 Runway is excellent way to get some insight about the new releases.

Prada is a brand built on thoroughly modern ideas of femininity and it always has been; Miuccia Prada was thinking about “the modern woman” and her functional needs long before the phrase was the descriptor of choice for every designer under the sun. For Fall 2016, Prada is taking another step toward modernity: it will be among the first of Europe’s top-tier fashion houses to offer some of its runway bags for immediate, out-of-season purchase. The bags are the Pionniere and Cahier. I posted the Prada Cahier shoulder bag and Pionniere on this blog last month. and now we present you the Prada Cahier tote bag in replica version.

Expertly crafted from smooth and textured-leather, this style is decorated with gold hardware at the corners – a detail inspired by ancient books and diaries. Its concertina sides allow the interior compartments to gently expand as they fill. Carry yours by the top handles or optional shoulder strap. The bag is kind of similar to Saint Laurent Sac De Jour tote.





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Prada Cahier Replica Bag

Sturdy, elegant and charming, the newest Cahier bag from Prada feels like owning a real treasure box thanks to its box-like appearance.The Italian luxurious fashion house Prada is bringing this most beautiful Cahier bag to tinseltown.

The Cahier bag exhibits details similar to those of ancient tomes. The bronze-coloured metal elements are reminiscent of the protective corners on old books; the use of Saffiano is evocative of hard covers; and the upper section of the flap – which is usually in a contrasting colour – brings to mind a book spine. Cahier is also emblematic of a sturdy, secure notebook to which we entrust our most intimate thoughts and cherished memories.


Pair it with your dress, jeans, plain shirts, sneakers and even your killer stilettos, you can pretty much mix and match it with anything under the sun.With the perfect combination of leather and bronze hardware, this bag will definitely be a hit in your wardrobe. Aside from its contemporary bag allure, it also features the signature Prada lettering logo in bronze, a lace closure on the front and two inside compartments and two inside pockets, including one with flap for organized storage.


With the perfect combination of leather and bronze hardware, this Prada Cahier Shoulder Bag will definitely be a hit in your wardrobe. Pair it with your dress, jeans, plain shirts, sneakers and even your killer stilettos, you can pretty much mix and match it with anything under the sun.



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Replica Hermes Birkin bags

From research conducted recently emerged the very fact that certain of fashion’s most legendary hermes birkin bags outlet, the Hermes Birkin, is really a sounder investment that gold and stock-market shares since its creation. As Style highlights within the titled article “The Birkin Bag: Much Better Than Gold”, “The Birkin bag has soundly elevated in value by 500 percent within the last 35 years, in comparison with other opportunities which will fluctuate.” The current findings proven how stable the ultra-luxury industry continues to be in the last 35 years when in comparison to classical investment possibilities.

Certain shopping deals have proven to be, at the beginning of this year, greater than gold itself. Why saying this? Are you familiar with Sarah’s Jessica Parker statement from Sex And The City? “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet,” Jessica – or better put, Carry – was actually showing her shrewd business sense.But, it is not always the way we have wanted to be. In such a context, desires won’t help if they are not accompanied by a huge amount of money. But thanks to all those who are realizing how important is for us to live the good life, the sowed soil in which we plant the most ferocious personal dreams. Such a helper are the Purse Valley promotions. They have great online shopping deals for any kind of celebration and, if you have missed – for one reason or another – a certain promotion, you can always come back to check if they’ve renewed it.For the past 35 years, the Hermes Birkin bag.

replica hermes birkin bags

The Birkin is a structured bag made of smooth leather. So, you shouldn’t see any bad-looking wrinkles on it. Also, the handles should have the same proportions as the authentic one. The stitching is another essential aspect you should check on a replica Birkin. It has to look neat, without any loose wires. The Hermes stitching on an original Birkin is hand-made. So, even though that one a replica is made automatically, by a sewing machine, it should look as close as possible to the original.

Overall, this Birkin replica bag looks pretty good. There’s nothing negative I can say about it. It’s not perfect, but it sure is close to being. It looks just like an original from what I can see in these pictures. I didn’t get to have it right in front of me to be able to say whether is exactly like an authentic Birkin bag, but it looks very close to one. It’s one of the replica Hermes bags that look high-quality


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Replica Prada Nylon Makeup Bag.

I have to say, one of my best makeup bag purchases has to be the perfect Replica Prada Nylon Makeup Bag.


The Prada Nylon Makeup Bag Outlet sits all pretty on my bathroom counter beside my sink, and I keep all my daily makeup in there at all times. Each week as you may know, I swap out whatever makeup I’m using for items that are in my collection. You know, to spice things up, and of course try and use up the makeup I have! Can’t waste’er!


Do you really need this name-brand makeup bag? No It doesn’t have to be prada, obviously. But a nylon makeup bag that you can simply wipe clean after any spills or makeup residue from the last few months. Give it a wipe clean and you’re good to go.


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lovely Prada Robot bag collection

Prada has launched a special Robot Bag Capsule Collection comprising small leather goods and bags, with several of their popular bags given a robotique makeover!

There are two words that best describe this newest Robot Bag Collection from Prada: cute and quirky.This collection features different styles of bags: totes, shoulder slings, and backpacks in denim, nylon, and leather so there are numerous bag choices that you’ll certainly obsess about.

We are telling you right now that these bags are oozing with playful personality. Yes, their playfulness (play with colors, materials and designs) got us hook up from the beginning.Warning ladies as these Robot Bag Collection might put a credit max limit to your cards for your little girls might also ask you purchase them one bag from the collection.

And oh, there are also adorable pouch charms that you can add to your everyday bag to make it look livelier and lovelier.


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Givenchy Show Replica Bag,Givenchy Pandora Shark Make-up Bag

The casual Givenchy Show is a cross body bag. However, it isn’t a mini and it isn’t a messenger. Well, at least not what I would consider a messenger. The oversized, flattened rectangular bag hangs from its strap in a way that hugs your body. Not only does this make this style unique, it also makes it quite handy. What I mean is, you can probably put quite a few things in it without that bulky feeling. I love the extra wide strap too, which is the secret to comfortable cross body wear. Now there are several different renditions of the Show Shoulder Bag floating around out there, but I like this simplified version. The soft black leather is trimmed with thin white edges. It gives this bag a very clean and crisp look, even though it is clearly a very casual style.

For hands-free days, I am quite partial to the cross body bag. The style is easy, simple, and casual. Perfect for grab and go situations. The way I see it though, there are two types of cross body bags. They are usually classified as your mini bags and your messengers. But when I saw the Givenchy Show Shoulder Bag Reviews, I wasn’t quite sure how to categorize it. As you see it’s different than any other style I have seen before.

When you’re into fashion, everything needs to be flawless – from the shoes to the dress and all the way to the make-up bag. But sometimes it’s easy to store your cosmetics in a simple bag and leave it like that. Then again, a make-up bag is a one-time purchase and forever, why not pick the best of the best?

So we take you to one of our favorite brands – Givenchy. And we introduce to you a piece from the latest Shark Collection. It’s a minimalistic make-up bag, but the size and the craftsmanship are sufficient enough to say ‘yes’.

Crafted from lambskin, the brand’s logo is printed on the front top. The unique and perfectly designed Givenchy Pandora Shark Make-up Bagfeatures a zipper pull that’s attached to the famous Shark Tooth. The interior comes with one internal patch pocket, measuring 12.5 cm x 17 cm x 7 cm (H x W x D).

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