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First, let’s cut to the chase and answer the question in the headline: Yes. Not only was poaching Céline’s head of accessories the sort of buzz-worthy move Mulberry needed in order to bring some positive attention to the ailing brand, but the designer brought considerable handbag chops with him. Coca’s first set of Mulberry runway bags, which debuted over the weekend in London, are, in many ways, exactly what the brand needed to distract both the industry’s chattering class and the brand’s shoppers from the uncertainty of the past few years.

There’s a lot of the most wearable parts of Céline in these bags, but unlike so many brands who have simply tried to recreate the magic of its luxurious, woman-focused minimalism, Mulberry went out and hired the man who pioneered that look in Céline’s bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and small accessories. It’s a move that’s paid off, and if these bags eventually sell at a price point that’s more in line with Mulberry’s prices before the company hired a CEO from Hermès, prices skyrocketed and everything went sideways, I can see a lot of fans returning to the brand, as well as new customers shopping Mulberry for the first time.

Below, we’ve assembled all the images we could find of the collection. The runway bags are the most ambitious of the lot, of course, and the off-runway pieces strike a note somewhere between everyday charm and serious fashion that’s perfect for the current accessories market.

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Hermes Evelyne bag ,Hermes Picotin

“Hermes Evelyne bag ,Hermes Picotin”的图片搜索结果

The stamp is embossed in the leather, under the leather tab. It’s usually silver (see the above picture) and it should have a clean look, not too thin, not too thick. There is another stamp on the end of the strap, on one side.

The handles have to be broad and sturdy and they should be made from canvas. The hardware on the authentic Evelynes is silver colored and so should be the one on a good replica. The bag has no zippers. On the top, you can close it by clipping the leather tab from one site to the other.

All of these details I wrote about have to be checked before buying. My best advice for you would be to buy a bag from a website that has pictures of their own products. In this case, you could check the details in the photos and make sure they are right. Knowing how to spot a fake Hermes Evelyne bag will help you get a replica that’s difficult to spot. If your knock off has all the details in the right places, no one will know it’s not an authentic. I hope my posts are useful to you. If you have suggestions for what should I write next, let me know about it in the comments section.

Talking about casual, there’s another gorgeous Hermes replica bag. This Picotin is an older design, but still very trendy. Just like I mentioned before, the Hermes designs are timeless. The Picotin was inspired by the shape of a horse’s feeder. So, it’s a celebration of this brand’s origins. As many of you know, it has started as a fine equestrian leather goods supplier. This green Picotin bag is spacious, practical and very chic. You can use it to carry plenty of items in it.

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Large Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

Prada made the concept of switching handbags from day to night practically obsolete. That’s because every Prada bag is a beautiful work of art, never bound by trend or season. Even the casual Prada crossbody bag is at your side through weekdays, weekends, business trips, and vacations.

A glossy curb-chain strap threads through hardware atop this beautifully quilted Italian-leather bag, adding a bit of modern edge to the classically chic style.

Main Image - Prada Large Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

What makes Prada bags so special? High-end materials, for one, such as the brand’s signature nylon and saffiano leather, but also quality stitching and a jacquard logo lining you’ll want to flash at every opportunity. Other accents also set Prada purses apart: exquisite appliqués, intricate embroidery, and eye-catching prints. An elongated leather flap closure on a Prada shoulder bag is the height of sophistication.

Prada was founded in Milan in 1913 as a leather-goods shop, so it’s no surprise the brand has upheld its reputation for producing the finest quality accessories. Neiman Marcus invites you to explore its vast selection of Prada styles, from totes and crossbody bags to envelope clutches and top-handle silhouettes.

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Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami: Cherry Blossoms

Brown Monogram Cherry Blossom Takashi Murakami Pochette Bag

Louis Vuitton has a long history of pairing with stars of the art world to create artwork we’re proud to carry; in fact, they basically invented it. Louis Vuitton’s most recent collaboration is with streetwear kings Supreme and fine artist Jeff Koons. Just like artwork, these collaboration pieces increase in value–often selling at or above their original retail price for years after their original release due to their exclusive nature. We’ve turned heads with a Louis Vuitton Graffiti Neverfull and captured hearts with the Takashi Murakami Cherry Blossom Papillon, but which cult art collaborations are our favorites?

Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami wanted to give some freshness and cheerfulness to the iconic monogram pattern–and the Cherry Blossom collection was planted. Takashi Murakami’s cherry blossom flower became a hallmark of his work, representing Murakami’s Japanese heritage and resembles the Kawaii-pop-art style he was known for. The Cherry Blossom collection featured the LV all-over logo print with the flower design, featuring a tiny smiley face at the center. Unlike most other limited edition collections, Louis Vuitton never produced a Speedy in the Cherry Blossom print.Signature dark and light brown Louis Vuitton “LV” monogram bag incorporating Takashi Murakami’s cherry blossoms with smiling faces; trimmed with gold-plated studs and light brown leather bow at closure with gold-plated lock engraved with “LV”; with keys, leather hangtag engraved “Louis Vuitton Paris,” and brown flannel bag cover printed with “LV.”
This special LOUIS VUITTON pochette bag is from the brand’s collection with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The brown signature monogram canvas has been given a cute twist by Murakami with the addition of a pink cartoon cheery blossom print. A collector’s piece that you’ll cherish forever

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The Reality of Purchasing a Hermès Birkin

Image result for Hermès Birkin 2018

When Hermes was contacted by the Daily Mail, they were informed that ‘Each Hermes store director worldwide is responsible for buying for their own store’ and ‘they place seasonal orders twice a year, which are generally received six to 12 months later.’

It seems that even Hermes don’t know when and even if any of their stores worldwide will receive a Birkin or Kelly, making it impossible for regular women to simply walk into a store and purchase one unless they have remarkably good timing and more luck than is imaginable.

Another interesting line from Hermes concern the reason why Birkins and Kellys are so exclusive. Every artisan who works for the company is trained for three or four years before they are even allowed to touch the hide. Then, only 10 percent of the leather is actually used for the creation of a bag with a single artisan completing the process for each. This makes the production of Birkins and Kellys completely dependent on the number of properly trained craftsmen in the company at any given time.

Much of this information came from regular women who shared their own experiences of trying to purchase a Birkin directly from a Hermes boutique and as such was more hearsay than anything else.

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Related image

I hope you joined us last time when we talked about Jennifer Garner’s Gucci bag, and we’re going to keep these designer handbags coming with another batch of great bags,Prada handbags Jenn’s designer bag collection is pretty impressive, especially since she doesn’t seem like the type to care too much about high fashion. Her handbags are on the more conservative side, choosing to go with more simple and sophisticated designs over flashy and intricate. Either way, we at replicaguide love Prada bags and Jennifer’s are absolutely stunning!

I’m so sad to see this week end, especially since I had so much fun looking through photographs of this week’s featured celebrity, Katy Perry. Well, although we have to end it somewhere, I’m glad that we get to end the week with one of my favourite designers. The Prada brand has some of the most varied designer handbags in their collections. I happen to really love Prada bags, and I’m sure that Katy Perry agrees since I will be showing two replica handbags from her collection. I hope you had as much fun as I did this week, so let’s check out which Prada Katy Perry loves the most!

Replica Prada handbags are extremely chic, and Rihanna certainly nailed it with this outfit. She actually looks a lot more conservative than she usually does in this photograph, but I love her nonetheless. Prada designer handbags can pull any sophisticated look together, something that I’m sure RiRi is quite aware of. Too bad a Prada designer bag is too expensive for my lifestyle, however, I do have another solution for us girls who have to live on a budget.

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Related image

Introducing the Prada Spring/Summer 2018 Runway Bag Collection. Prada’s latest collection features femininity and feminism. The brand has collaborated with eight women artists – Brigid Elva, Joëlle Jones, Stellar Leuna, Giuliana Maldini, Natsume Ono, Emma Ríos, Trina Robbins and Fiona Staples. Each artists depicted their own version of women illustrations in different handbags. This season’s handbags comes in sporty and edgy styles. Nylon and studs are heavily incorporated in the accessories. The colorful prints of women brings in Prada’s playful side, as it is seen in comic art, and mostly presented in the Light Frame and Etiquette bags. Flap bags are presented in structured and slouchy silhouettes. Top handle bags in smooth leather and crocodile completes the collection.

The show was presented at the Osservatorio, a new exhibition space in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy. The collection has a sporty theme which features tracksuits, sneakers and knee-high socks. The brand’s latest accessories includes feathered headbands and rabbit printed handbags. Prada has collaborated with Taiwanese-American visual artist James Jean, to design the rabbit and Liberty prints on the collection. The artist has previously partnered with Prada back in 2008, for the Spring/Summer 2008 Collection which features whimsical fairies. Aside from the printed bags, the Cahier and Prada Plex Bags are back this season. Logo clutch bags are also seen in the runway, as well as their signature top handle bags.

This high fashion brand has been experimenting with a lot of new designs and we’re finally seeing the fruit of their labor. Their Spring Summer 2018 Runway is quit interesting because it’s packed with a lot of gorgeous handbags. They have created new bags and also added a few twist to make them distinctive and intriguing. We’ve observed and picked out the best of the best, let’s talk about that.

Prada Studded Belt Flap Bag


Another flap bag is set to steal a lot of hearts, meet the new Prada Studded Bag. This beautiful thing will be released in the next season, but for now, let’s just glance and drool over it.This bag is crafted in squared and boxy shape and it’s made in leather. Every piece of this object is exciting, like the unique-designed envelope-shaped front flap. However, all the attention is focused in the center because the lock is so shiny and sophisticated.The center lock is first embellished with large pyramid studs in shiny hardware. The studs are stitched on the belt strap. Then it’s refined with the Prada logo. This bag can be worn on your shoulder or cross body. The leather strap is also studded and it can be detached.

Prada Belt Tote Bag


Belt, belt, belt. Recently, Prada has been obsessed with belt and ribbons. They have been adding these two components in a lot of new handbags. Take for example the Cahier Bag and the Ribbon Bag.

For the next season, be prepared for this unique Belt Bag but there is no worry because Prada is good at making tote bag. And if you are fan of Prada, you will instantly recognize the new Prada logo in the center top. This logo is made in leather patches and they’re stitched. But what’s unique about it, is that it’s mirrored from the signature Prada logo which also features the pyramid stud.

This bag is made with an extra long belt strap as an extension of the handle. The belt strap is designed in bi-color and finished with different-shaped studs.

What’s more, the bag itself is also available in bi-color. The shades of the body and the leather handles are separated.

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Hermès Kelly Cut Clutch Lime PHW

The Hermès Kelly Cut is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship, displaying the sheer talent of the artisans who craft the Hermès Bag collection. A petite version of the Hermès Kelly Bag, the Kelly Cut replicates its bigger sister to perfection, with every detail in the clutch bag representing hours of precise work. The middle size of three bags which use the Kelly design, the Hermès Kelly Pochette being the mini size, the Kelly Cut offers a deceptive amount of interior space and is ideal as a companion in the evenings.

This Hermès Kelly Cut Clutch bag is featured in the Lime color, which is a bright yellow tone. This bag is made from very soft Epsom leather and is highly resistant to scratching. This Hermès Clutch is store-fresh and is in the same condition as when it left the Hermes boutique

Baghunter is the home of both pristine and pre-loved Hermès Kelly Cut clutches in a variety of colors, materials, hardware, leathers, and exotic skins. Features such as the single handle and the ability of the clutch to stand upright on its own accord mirror the larger, original Kelly Hermès bag, with exotic skins such as crocodile providing additional luxury to an already classic design. Each Hermès Kelly Cut falls under Baghunter’s guarantee, ensuring both quality and authenticity.

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Presenting the Louis Vuitton Marais Bag. Along with the Louis Vuitton Montaigne Bag. The Marais bag is name after the historical district in Paris, Le Marais. It was recently featured in Louis Vuitton’s Spirit of Travel ad campaign, carried by fashion model Edie Campbell. It is a modern version of a classic bowling bag which features three zipped compartments. This double handle bag has a burgundy microfiber lining which has a spacious interior. It has shiny golden brass hardware and protective bottom studs. The Louis Vuitton Marais bag is only available in Monogram Canvas and comes in two sizes, BB and MM.Handbag.
Is this a brand new bag by Louis Vuitton? Doesn’t it look a bit familiar? Indeed, it does as this is another reinvented model that the reputed fashion house has just launched this year. Named after the worldwide famous neighborhood within the French capital city, Louis Vuitton Monogram Marais brings the Parisian elegance straight into your wardrobe. A modern version of an emblematic bag Louis Vuitton offered to bowling fans years ago, this fashion item is everything you need for your daily comfort as well as for showing off a neat outlook. No matter where you decide to go, everything you need to take with you will fit inside this sizeable bag that you can wear in your hand or adorn on your arm, as it best suits your style.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Marais comes to make sure you are comfortable and you have everything that a bag can offer you: style and practicality, elegance and functionality in one single item. Everybody will notice the distinctive Louis Vuitton handbag .brand signs when you will be wearing this bag especially that the monogram makes it impossible to miss. The brown leather is of the best quality, while the handles are reinforced for more longevity and reliability that a modern woman needs so much.

Inside the bag, you will have all the accessories and compartments you need from a bag: zippered pockets for storing the valuables you carry with you, special pockets for the phone, cotton lining for your personal comfort. Louis Vuitton Monogram Marais is for sure a purchase decision you will not regret and a fashion item that will help you carry the things you need all day long and send the message you want to everyone around you every single day.

One of the new releases for 2014 (along with the Montaigne), the Marais – named after the historic district in Paris – in the iconic Monogram canvas is a modern update of the classic bowling bag. Its structured yet supple shape exudes femininity while its casual chic style and practicality make it an ideal companion for work or for daily excursions in the city. Just put everything inside, carry it by hand or elbow, and you’re ready to go.
Functionality is the main essence of the Marais. It features a secure and well-organized interior as it features three zippered compartments, the center one offers generous space and a flat pocket. Also the exterior front compartment has a large flat pocket (for the BB) or a double smartphone pocket (for the MM). Other details include two-way zipper with padlock, leather key bell, shiny golden brass hardware, natural cowhide leather trims, burgundy-colored microfiber lining, and protective bottom studs.
Marais comes in two sizes, the diminutive BB (11.4″ x 7.1″ x 6.7″) and an all-around MM (15.7″ x 9.4″ x 7.9″).

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Image result for MIU MIU IMITATIONS

Miu Miu is one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to designer handbags. The brand is part of fashion royalty as it was set up by famous designer Miuccia Prada. In fact the name itself, Miu Miu, is Miuccia Prada’s nickname. It was launched in 1993 and has since become one of the most important brands in the handbag world, with yearly increases of sales and some of the most inspiring, brave and unforgettable designs the world has ever seen.

Replica handbags store

The amazing success has propelled Miu Miu into the very highest echelons of world fashion, with guests numbering other designers, the world’s most famous actors and models. Its bags have been worn to the world’s biggest events, most exclusive parties and on the most important runways.

This type of success has, of course, generated a lot of demand for Miu Miu bags, demand that is often impossible to fulfill due to the sometimes high prices this cutting edge fashion brand has on its products.

Miu Miu handbag

Here is where a whole new market for designer handbag comes in. The market for replica handbags may pretend or even appear in some cases that it offers the same quality product for a fraction of the price making it affordable to just about everyone on the market. The sad truth is that while you may think you’re getting a deal, you are in fact being conned out of your money.

Most replica handbags are of an incredibly low quality, with a considerably reduced lifespan as they are renowned for ripping, discoloring or having zipper issues in the first couple of weeks since they have been purchased. The materials used in the manufacturing process are of a poor quality, especially when it comes to Miu Miu handbags that are made out of leather. The cheap knockoff material used instead of genuine nappa leather gives the bags reduced durability while its uneven, unpleasant synthetic nature makes the bag’s texture look and feel bad.

The quality of the lining material and zippers is also appalling. In fact, the most common problem with these knockoff bags is that the poorly stitched lining tears open within the first couple of uses. Forget about storing valuables as they may disappear behind the interior lining or be lost all together. The zippers also have a tendency of breaking, a particularly troubling aspect as you may not be able to pull out your ID, your wallet or your phone in a timely manner if the situation calls for it.

Another problem with these replica handbags is the unbalanced design features. While some replicas come close, the vast majority rarely resemble the original bag. They have a disproportionate size, different design elements, different colors or features. This can be one of the major reasons to stay away from replica bags as being spotted with such a blatant knockoff will certainly be embarrassing.

Yet another aspect that should keep you away from replica handbags are the conditions they are made from. They are usually put together in sweatshops in China and other Asian countries where workers are often underage and poorly paid. In fact, employees of these sweatshops have to work long hours for salaries that won’t allow them to move to a better place. This allows replica handbag providers to sell their inferior product at such small prices. By purchasing these handbags you are indirectly feeding this type of unjust labor force assuring a bleak future for many third world citizens.

So to support your favorite fashion brand while making sure you have a unique and beautifully made product that wasn’t put together at the expense of someone’s misery you should definitely stay away from replica handbags.

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