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A Hermes bag is a status symbol.  Its line of bags is among the most exclusive in the world.  Thierry Hermes founded the company in 1837 and up to this day, it is family owned.  Its main products today vary from scarves, ties, jewelry, perfumes, home objects, fashion products, and leather goods.  With its head office in Paris, this fashion house operates in more than 30 countries.  Hermes started out with the manufacture of leather products and saddles, until Emile-Maurice Hermes came to inherit the company and led the company away from the saddle business.  Under Emile Hermes’ leadership, the company started to design and produce various pieces of leather luggage instead.

The Birkin is another sought after luxury bag named after famous actress Jane Birkin.  After the actress met the Hermes president, Birkin began to co-design the new bag with Hermes.  The price of a Birkin bag starts from six thousand dollars up to the amount a Birkin lover is willing to spend on.  The waiting time for a particular Birkin bag can take several years, but depending on its availability, you can easily stroll into a store and purchase one.  This Hermes product is very popular with celebrities.

However, thousands of replica Birkin bags are now hand made in Asia every year. And, today, these replica quality and materials are made to resemble the original bags and these are so called replica Hermes. Although these imitations could never replace the authentic brand, these fake Hermes handbags cost less while looking a great deal like the original. But these are only fake Hermes bags that are sort of copy handbags, Today you can purchase genuine Hermes Kelly wallets, as well as the original Hermes Birkin bags which are authentic Birkin bags and authentic Hermes handbag or wallet. Buying designer bag via internet you must be informed that some sites sell only hermes replicas and that these bags are not genuine designer bags.

Hermes is still one of the IT brands continuously making more of the IT bags. Anything that Hermes produces is always well received and fashion people go crazy and more to get some of the lizard, ostrich or alligator leather Hermes totes in all shades and sizes. Victoria Beckham is know to have picked up quite a collection of the gorgeous Hermes bags, some Birkin bags in various shades, and Kelly bags too. Just name it.

Hermès brand beginning is quite modest – Hermès was founded in 1837 in France and in the beginning it was producing saddles and leather items for rich and noble of the time. The brands name is actually a family name, as this brand was established by Thierry Hermès.

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