Hermès Kelly Cut Clutch Lime PHW

The Hermès Kelly Cut is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship, displaying the sheer talent of the artisans who craft the Hermès Bag collection. A petite version of the Hermès Kelly Bag, the Kelly Cut replicates its bigger sister to perfection, with every detail in the clutch bag representing hours of precise work. The middle size of three bags which use the Kelly design, the Hermès Kelly Pochette being the mini size, the Kelly Cut offers a deceptive amount of interior space and is ideal as a companion in the evenings.

This Hermès Kelly Cut Clutch bag is featured in the Lime color, which is a bright yellow tone. This bag is made from very soft Epsom leather and is highly resistant to scratching. This Hermès Clutch is store-fresh and is in the same condition as when it left the Hermes boutique

Baghunter is the home of both pristine and pre-loved Hermès Kelly Cut clutches in a variety of colors, materials, hardware, leathers, and exotic skins. Features such as the single handle and the ability of the clutch to stand upright on its own accord mirror the larger, original Kelly Hermès bag, with exotic skins such as crocodile providing additional luxury to an already classic design. Each Hermès Kelly Cut falls under Baghunter’s guarantee, ensuring both quality and authenticity.

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