Good or Bad Prada knockoffs

Prada is one of the top Italian luxury fashion houses. Back in 1931, when it was founded by Mario Prada and his brother, Martino, it was a leather goods shop. The first Prada commercial hit happened in 1979 and it as due to a backpack and totes collection. It was 1985 when the company released their first classic Prada bag. This was the first step in creating the basis of the next generation of Prada bags. A few characteristics became their signature: they were practical and sturdy and sleek lines and craftsmanship. For a fake Prada bag to pass as authentic, it should follow the signature characteristics and a few other details I am going to tell you all about.

The exterior logo should be your main concern when it comes to fake Prada bags or any other replica. It’s one of the most obvious details that could give away a bad replica. Usually, the Prada logo is placed directly on the leather. You can also find the famous Prada triangle that has the log on it. In both cases, you should know that the letter R is what gives it away. On an authentic Prada bag or on the good replica designer handbags Prada, the R should have a slight crescent curve. If the R leg is right, stay away from it. All the engravings should be clear enough and easy to read. When the logo is attached to a triangle, make sure that it’s the same color as the rest of the bag and that the stitching isn’t doubled.

The interior logo should be a ceramic plate or a leather tag attached with four filled out rivets. It should have written on it “Prada” and “Made in Italy” under. The older models also had “Milano” in between.

The lining is three types: made from the Prada signature fabric, satin or smooth leather. Most of the bags have the Prada signature and so should the good fake Prada bags have too. The writing appears horizontally and it’s separated through a symbol that looks like a sideways S.

Also taking a look at the logo we get more satisfaction. Very well crafted, with very good stitching and leather quality.

Now if we talk about the interior, it looks exactly as it should when we think about Prada bags. And I must add here that not many of the Prada knockoffs truly respect the identity of the bag’s interior.

Well now we have a good comparison between a good replica and a bad replica Prada bag. Since this one has made my reader’s life a better one, I can only say congrats to her. Because it requires lots of research and hard work in order to find the best Prada replica handbag. And she did indeed. Nice job!

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