Gold in Asian countries Status。

The wealth of gold in China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam is also very popular among the people, especially the elders are more precious to gold. Especially in the wedding has an important position. In European countries, weddings basically use diamonds to express their love for their wives, but in Asian countries, gold is the main luxury. At the wedding, birthday, and adulthood, the elders will send a set of gold as a gift to show that the other is important. People. The recipient will tell the donor his love and gratitude for the gift with a smile on his face.1
The average family daughter is married, and at most, the five-piece gold set includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. No matter how difficult the family is, the five-piece parent will try to buy it. The mother will not marry her daughter. Tears help the bride to wear, let the bride gracefully wait for the groom to pick up.
The above photo is the reason why I said that I will surprise you, just as why I would say the wealth represented by gold. The gold that hangs all over it can attract everyone’s attention. In Asian countries, many men are not rich enough, they can’t get the bride because they can’t afford a gram of gold, but the rich families are different.
Because we are familiar with this situation and we are used to it, we can’t change it, so our company can only design some relatively luxurious and affordable jewelry to target Asian cities, hoping to help some married boys can afford gold and jewelry. Bring the beloved bride home.

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