Creative Prada Inside Bag

From the moment I saw the Prada Inside Bag hit the runway, I love it. Now, I’m here to again tell you why the Prada Inside Bag is one of the best bags out there right now.

For starters: the Inside Bag is different! The Inside Bag is genuinely a new take on the satchel shape, an that automatically wins points with me. What helps even more is the design is really pretty. Prada fused together different hues for the bag’s signature inside compartment to ensure it stood out from the outside, and many of the combinations are stunning.

Prada Inside Bag Croco Verde Acquamarina Detail 04

The bag is playful yet graceful and seamlessly combines classic Prada touches with a dose of originality. The Prada Inside Bag is unlike others out there, and while it stands out, it doesn’t go over the top in it’s design; it’s subtle enough to be a classic. Prada offers beautiful colors, materials and combinations for the Inside, including crocodile, ostrich and calf on the exterior, which is paired with soft nappa leather on the interior to make each bag stand out.

Prada Inside Bag Struzzo comb

This bag-within-a-bag shows off Prada’s skilled artisanal work and is sure to make waves once it lands in stores in the next few months. I am having a hard time deciding on my favorite, but the offset colors and luxury skins are simply divine. The bag is available in three sizes, and all come with a shoulder strap.



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