Christian Louboutin History

Louboutin was born in carpenter’s family in Paris (1963). Raised in a family with many children, at the age of sixteen, Christian became the apprentice in a shoe factory. His brand Christian Louboutin was established in 1992. In 1994 Louboutin opened a boutique in New York. Today products of this fashion glam brand products are sold in more than 46 countries.

This brand’s collections features different types of bags – shoulder bag, tote bag, satchel bag, messenger bag and evening bag (including clutch). All of them have the elegance characteristic to this designer and all of these bags will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

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Christian Louboutin bags on sale, as well as cheaper price bags can often be found on the brand’s official website. Snakeskin pumps and Louboutin handbags, such as the famous Cancan clutch have discount prices in the official outlet.

Louboutin continues his trajectory to expand the brand’s line of handbags, and spring’s efforts include the Paloma Tote, the Triloubi Crossbody and the Eloise Tote. The Paloma is the most structured handbag we’ve seen from the brand, and it features a portfolio interior.


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