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The birthstone for each month is a matter of contention. Not everyone agrees with each other when it comes to which birthstone represents which month. We have followed the most traditional opinions. In the situation where there are a few stones, we’ve only added the most popular stones.Navigate the months and discover more about your month’s birthstone. We also placed links to shop the birthstones.

Garnet is usually thought of as being a rich red color but, in fact, it is mined in a wide range of tones. The widely differing composition of garnet deposits produces yellow, red, brown, black, green and blue stones. It is the red, pyrope garnet that is the January birthstone. The garnet symbolizes trust and friendship.

Amethysts occur in colors from lilac to deep violet and, occasionally, red. Its name comes from the Greek for “not drunk” (a methysto) and was used to give the wearer a clear head and sound judgment. Whether it worked then we’ll never know, of course, but it’s a nice thought.

Aquamarine is usually seen in a pale blue color, but it can also be such a deep tone that it is sometimes mistaken for sapphire. Considered a symbol of hope, health and everlasting youth, its association with March is apt. As the herald of spring, when new life bursts forth, what better or more beautiful a birthstone?

Diamonds are forever, or so it is said, and will therefore forever be associated with love and the heart. White diamonds are the most common color, but everything down to black is possible. Diamond is one of only 4 truly precious stones along with ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

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