Gold in Asian countries Status。

The wealth of gold in China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam is also very popular among the people, especially the elders are more precious to gold. Especially in the wedding has an important position. In European countries, weddings basically use diamonds to express their love for their wives, but in Asian countries, gold is the main luxury. At the wedding, birthday, and adulthood, the elders will send a set of gold as a gift to show that the other is important. People. The recipient will tell the donor his love and gratitude for the gift with a smile on his face.1
The average family daughter is married, and at most, the five-piece gold set includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. No matter how difficult the family is, the five-piece parent will try to buy it. The mother will not marry her daughter. Tears help the bride to wear, let the bride gracefully wait for the groom to pick up.
The above photo is the reason why I said that I will surprise you, just as why I would say the wealth represented by gold. The gold that hangs all over it can attract everyone’s attention. In Asian countries, many men are not rich enough, they can’t get the bride because they can’t afford a gram of gold, but the rich families are different.
Because we are familiar with this situation and we are used to it, we can’t change it, so our company can only design some relatively luxurious and affordable jewelry to target Asian cities, hoping to help some married boys can afford gold and jewelry. Bring the beloved bride home.

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Birthstones Gemstones

The birthstone for each month is a matter of contention. Not everyone agrees with each other when it comes to which birthstone represents which month. We have followed the most traditional opinions. In the situation where there are a few stones, we’ve only added the most popular stones.Navigate the months and discover more about your month’s birthstone. We also placed links to shop the birthstones.

Garnet is usually thought of as being a rich red color but, in fact, it is mined in a wide range of tones. The widely differing composition of garnet deposits produces yellow, red, brown, black, green and blue stones. It is the red, pyrope garnet that is the January birthstone. The garnet symbolizes trust and friendship.

Amethysts occur in colors from lilac to deep violet and, occasionally, red. Its name comes from the Greek for “not drunk” (a methysto) and was used to give the wearer a clear head and sound judgment. Whether it worked then we’ll never know, of course, but it’s a nice thought.

Aquamarine is usually seen in a pale blue color, but it can also be such a deep tone that it is sometimes mistaken for sapphire. Considered a symbol of hope, health and everlasting youth, its association with March is apt. As the herald of spring, when new life bursts forth, what better or more beautiful a birthstone?

Diamonds are forever, or so it is said, and will therefore forever be associated with love and the heart. White diamonds are the most common color, but everything down to black is possible. Diamond is one of only 4 truly precious stones along with ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

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Despite its relative lack of use compared to more popular modern cuts, the marquise has been around a long time. Unusually, though, for diamond cut types, it isn’t named for any actual corresponding shape. Back in the 18th century, King Louis XV of France commissioned a jeweler to design a new cut. Louis wanted the cut to resemble the lips of his mistress, Madame de Pompadour. Over time, the resulting cut evolved into what we now know as the marquise.

The name, itself, comes from the name of the hereditary rank between count and duke. Men would wear stones using the new cut, to display their rank at court. The name marquise soon became the accepted term for the hitherto nameless gemstone cut.


The modern (post c1960) marquise cut is different to the original 18th version. Now, the cut is actually a version of the round brilliant cut. It has 58 facets in the same configuration of the round brilliant. This means that the standard of modern examples is usually excellent.

The elongated shape of the marquise lends itself well to making fingers look slimmer and longer. It also means the stone can look bigger than its stated carat weight, in comparison to different cuts of the same weight.


We all know that diamond is the hardest natural mineral we know. What many find surprising is that it is also quite brittle. With any cut diamond, if you hit it just in the right/wrong spot, or at the right angle, there is a real risk of the stone chipping. Even worse, it may split or shatter altogether. The long nature of the marquise exposes the pointed ends far more than normal. Even just a sharp tap on the point risks serious damage.

Because of the 58 facet nature of the modern marquise, light is used differently by the diamond. If the cut isn’t done with enough care, what is called the bow-tie effect comes in. When viewed from above, almost all marquise diamonds display some darkening around the center point. This creates an effect similar to a bow-tie. A slightly deeper pavilion may reduce the effect, but few marquise cuts escape the phenomenon altogether.

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The name neo-classical describes anything inspired the art of Greece and Rome in ancient times. With the English trend towards lighter, more sophisticated jewelry, neo-classical soon overwhelmed Rococo. Within the broader neoclassical period, two separate sub-styles emerged. The first was the Adam Style, as created by architect and interior designer Robert Adam. The style went back to the symmetry of the earlier Baroque period, but with much more subtlety. Motifs in the Adam Style included pillars, flower wreaths, bows, ribbons, hearts, snakes, rams heads and other ancient symbols.

The other neoclassical style popular in both England was Regency. Regency style closely mirrored that of the Empire style in France. Although classical symbols were still popular, Greek motifs had largely lost out in favor of ancient Egypt. Compared to most neoclassical jewelry, Regency pieces were far more decorative and colorful. Not quite back to the styles of Baroque, but certainly bolder than Rococo. In order to separate Adam and Regency styles, Regency is often termed as late-Georgian. The name neoclassical is primarily a description for the Adam Style.

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In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young went into business, opening a “fancy goods” store in New York City. Known as “Tiffany, Young, and Ellis,” this little company soon became one of the world’s most distinguished retailers, and its popularity continues today. We hope you enjoy this catalogue of some of the most iconic Tiffany jewelry designs, which offer an enticing blend of sophistication and flawless craftsmanship.The Open Heart is one of the best-selling Tiffany necklaces of all time. Created by Elsa Peretti, it is simple and organic, yet evocative. An open heart necklace offers timeless appeal, and it pairs beautifully with a variety of outfits, making it just right for everyday wear.

Also in the running for the most popular Tiffany necklace, the Enchant Heart Lock is part of a collection based on ornate, 19th century garden gates. Like a heart-shaped padlock, this lovely necklace takes its inspiration from Victorian lockets shaped like padlocks. These were often accompanied by minuscule keys that allowed wearers to access the inside, where miniature portraits, silhouettes, or even locks of a loved one’s hair could be hidden. Tiffany’s Enchant Heart Lock pendants come in a variety of finishes, with and without diamonds and gemstones.

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When choosing necklaces for necklines, you need to be conscious of the specific neckline. Different necklaces look good with different necklines. Inversely, some necklaces don’t complement certain necklines.

Be mindful of the pendant when deciding what necklace to wear. The pendant’s shape can make or break your look. The length and width of the necklace also draws people’s attention to a certain point.

V-neck necklines draw people’s attention to your chest or cleavage. Your necklace should do the same.The pendant of a V-neck necklace should be angular and match the shape of a V. The wider the V, the bigger the pendant you should choose.Choosing a rounded necklace with a V-neck makes your appearance look mismatched. With a plunging neckline, your necklace length should be proportionate to your chest.Stay away from necklaces that are too long. They will pull the attention away from your neckline.

Chokers pair best with strapless necklines. Choker necklaces draw the attention to your neck and away from your stomach.Go for shorter pendants. They’ll keep the attention on your necklines and collar bones. Shorter pendants can also accentuate your neck.If you want to de-emphasize your neck, wear a princess necklace. This will keep eyes drawn towards your shoulders.

Sweetheart necklaces emphasize your neck, shoulders, and sometimes cleavage. Your necklace should contribute to this effect.Choose a necklace with a wider pendant to balance the open space in your neckline, but not too big. Going for curves and soft angles instead of rigid, hard angles will balance the sharp angles of this neckline.Make sure your necklace length isn’t too long. Chokers and princess necklaces will keep the attention on your chest.

Shorter necklaces work well with crew necklines. A choker or princess-length necklace will emphasize your neck.Bib-style necklaces also complement crew necklines.Select a more curved pendant for crew necklines instead of angular ones. Rounder pendants go well with this curved neckline.

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Swarovski Rings

Swarovski Round Cut Ring

Our collection of fine jewelry set with Swarovski Simulated Diamonds is a very popular choice offering the appearance of perfect diamonds at a fraction of the price.

Swarovski have managed to create one of the top diamond simulants in the market cutting their stones to GIA standards. The Swarovski Rings have the same level of brilliance and sparkle as colorless flawless diamonds. They come in various sizes , the most popular being a 1 carat.

These Pure Brilliance Stones can withstanda high temperateues, they are durable and ideal for daily wear.

Each stone is microscopically engraved to prove its authenticity. We also provide a certificate stating so with each one of our rings.

The laser engraving on the center stone and on the sidestones is nearly invisible and cannot be seen with the naked eye nor does it interfere with the brilliance of the stone.

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The Swarovski pierced earrings collection features a vibrant selection of stylish accessories for the modern woman and showcases the brand’s renowned precision cut clear and color crystals.
The pierced earrings collection includes urban rhodium-plated hoop earrings featuring sparkling Fuchsia, Amethyst and clear crystals set in pavé; classic gold-plated pierced earrings with a single clear crystal chaton framed in clear crystal pavé; vintage-style palladium-plated drop pierced earrings in an elegant gradation of pastel blue crystals, and bold rhodium-plated Crystal Mesh pierced earrings. These are just a few shimmering examples of Swarovski crystal pierced earrings.
Created for the fashion forward woman and for every occasion, Swarovski pierced earrings embody the brand’s innovative design and sparkle in a dazzling array of clear and crystal colors. Enhanced every season with spectacular new pieces, the beautifully crafted pierced earrings collection can be worn with matching Swarovski necklaces and bracelets to enhance any outfit.


Turn heads in these long-length versatile pierced earrings. Crafted in rhodium-plated metal, our iconic swan motif shines with white micro Crystal Pearls and elegant lines of clear pavé. Dangling chain elements, punctuated with clear crystals, add another dose of glamour. Wear as simple swan studs or go all out with the chains. Timelessly elegant and feminine.

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Today, Prada offers men’s and women’s leather goods, clothing, sunglasses, fragrances, and footwear, combining contemporary, cutting-edge sophistication with one-of-a-kind, artisanal flair. Each season, ardent fans, celebrities, and magazine editors can’t wait to see what Prada will unveil on the runways, but you don’t have to wait at all: Neiman Marcus has up-to-the-minute Prada collections you can enjoy any time of the year.

Prada changes things up so much from one season to the next on its runways that I didn’t have any terribly specific for predictions for what kinds of bags would grace the brand’s Spring 2018 runway, and if I had tried to guess, I would have undoubtedly come up far short of what Prada ultimately put together: a fun, aggressive, but not-too-serious slew of bags with punk details, inspired by the gritty world of comic book heroines.

The bags with illustrations (which will be immediate street style fodder, it goes without saying) are cheeky and very much in line with Prada’s occasional tradition of using artwork on its bags—most notably the fairy bags of the mid-2000s—but that’s not all the runway offered. There were also excellent, simple leather bags that the brand hasn’t shown before, as well as super-functional nylon pieces accented with studs and straps, bridging the gap between the brand’s longstanding lines and the seasonal bags. They looked like the kind of pieces the women in the illustrations might carry on their quests to stylishly save the world.Check out all the pieces from the runway below.

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Controversial Dolce and Gabbana La Mamma

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The duo’s comments angered some very high-profile people, including Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish, as well as NBC’s Today Show host Al Roker, who both leaped to the defence of non-traditional families on social media.

Admittedly, this is an odd stance for to take. While the pair (who were themselves a romantic couple for over 20 years before splitting but remaining business partners) may have their reasons for wanting to promote what they perceive as the institution of a traditional family unit, in light of their comments, their Fall/Winter 2015-2016 shoe seems to take on an altogether different patina; one that is more socio-political commentary than homage. Some have even argued that if the duos believe that the family unit is indeed “not a fad”, it may perhaps not have any place being on the runway at all, making their campaign exploitative at best.

As with many things in and around the fashion world, the true test will likely be whether or not customers are willing to embrace Dolce and Gabbana’s campaign. There is perhaps no better marker of how a collection is received than the popularity of its associated handbag line. The LaMamma handbag will almost certainly divide the crowd; its sophisticated shape and elegantly finished hardware are in stark contrast to the embroidered, childlike embellishments on the bag. With a price tag of nearly $3,000, we’re predicting that it’s probably going to be a tough sell. After all, the women (many of whom are mothers) that make up their core demographic are nothing if not pragmatic.

Dolce and Gabbana appeared to present a collection that was all about celebrating traditional Italian motherhood. Pregnant models walked the runway, while others carried babies and toddlers in their arms. It all seemed very heart-warming; a celebration of the circle of life with Dolce and Gabbana’s signature heavy-handed Italian spin. But that was before the interviews.

When asked about the collection in the interviews that followed, the pair responded surprisingly; they came out quite strongly against same sex marriage and non-traditional families. Dolce stated that “you are born to a mother and a father — or at least that’s how it should be. I call children of chemistry synthetic children.”


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